Three things you’re doing wrong in your job search.

Tired of banging your head against the wall when it comes to finding a job? Weary of doing the same things and getting the same poor results? Let’s look at three areas of the job search that millions of job seekers are subscribing to and why they are dead wrong:

  1. Only networking with people you know. Networking in and of itself is not a bad thing at all when it comes to conducting a comprehensive job search. In fact, it is highly recommended and proven to produce results. However, here is the dirty little secret: networking with people you already know will very rarely land you an interview or a job, because the people you know are most times not in a position to hire you. Your strategy is to network with the people you know to identify the people you don’t know. Consider the people you know your bridge connection to the people that will have the opportunity to hire you.
  2. Searching for jobs online.  Nearly every job seeker does this at one time or another. And nearly every job seeker has found disappointment at every turn in utilizing this method of job search. The online job search is clearly a numbers game and it typically takes hundreds of applications to generate interviews that lead to job offers. Here is the dirty little secret: attempt to identify a contact within the company that you may have a connection to, then try to network your way into a “side door” as opposed to applying for the opportunity online like everyone else.
  3. Using LinkedIn as a way to be found. Creating a LinkedIn profile, writing a summary, setting up your professional experience, joining groups, and getting recommended are all of the common things that you should be doing on LinkedIn. But remember, LinkedIn is not a passive social media tool. Just having a profile that sits out there in Cyberspace is not enough. Here is the dirty little secret: Once you complete the tasks above, you should turn your attention to being proactive and actually using the tool to identify target companies and connecting with individuals inside these companies. Why? Because LinkedIn is a social networking tool and you must be proactive in using it as a strategy to connect with individuals that can connect you with hiring authorities.

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