Thinking About Lying on Your Resume? Think Again.

By now, most of you have read the news about the Yahoo CEO, Scott Thompson, who falsified information pertaining to his educational background. According to the story, Mr. Thompson “will soon leave the company after it was found he padded his resume with an embellished college degree.” Actually, it is not apparent if the inaccuracy occurred in Mr. Thompson’s resume but the error was found his bio published in Yahoo’s annual report. The problem is that this information is regulated by the SEC and according to the story “CEOs are required to personally certify that their company’s SEC filings are accurate.”

So what does this mean for the millions of job seekers looking for work in this highly competitive environment? It means one thing…do not ever, ever, lie on your resume. It could cost you your job, ruin your reputation, and end your career. Something to think about.


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