The ABC’s of Resume Writing | “Y” is for YOU

XYZ: YOU Are More Important Than Your Resume.

This entire blog series has been focused on strategies for writing your resume. We all know that the resume is a very important and integral communication tool for use in your job search and sufficient attention should be given to it make sure it is well written and effective in communicating your personal brand. At the end of the day, however, remember that employers hire people not resumes and you are more important than your resume.

So what does this mean?

Why is this fact worth noting? Because too many job seekers place a higher than normal importance on their resume, assuming that if it written just the right way and includes just the right keywords, that they will get interviews. Many times this will just not be the case. Once your resume leaves your possession, you lose control; you may have no idea of who will be reviewing your resume and what biases they may or may not have. You must be strategic in the jobs you apply for. Your skills and experience have to match up well to the job requirements in order to get that interview. So be careful and only apply for jobs that you are qualified for.

And what else do I need to do?

In addition to posting your resume on job search boards, emailing your resume to companies in response to job openings, and working with recruiters and staffing agencies, you must get out in front of your resume and network. By now, you should know the importance of networking on the job search. When you network, you stay in control of your job search, by connecting with decision makers and people that can put you in contact with decision makers. You put a face to a name on the resume and you get opportunities to communicate your brand and elaborate on how you can provide value to an organization.

Final takeaway

If you have to, convince yourself that you have value and that you are good at what you do. In addition to being able to perform the duties of the job, employers want to hire someone they already know or someone that is connected to their organization. Repeatedly, studies have shown that networking is by far the most successful way to land your next opportunity. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make something happen!

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