National Jobs Report: June 2012

On July 6th, the government published the June jobs report listing the creation of 80,000 jobs. The unemployment rate remained unchanged, however at 8.2 percent. Sectors that saw an uptick in jobs created included professional and business services (+47,000), manufacturing (+11,000), health care (+13,000) management and technical consulting (+9,000), and computer and related services (+7,000).

There was little to no change in jobs creation for the following industries: mining and logging, construction, retail trade, transportation and warehousing.

After a correction in unemployment numbers from last month, the number of people out of work remained unchanged at 12.7 million.

The number of long-term unemployed was essentially unchanged at 5.4 million in the month of June. These people have been jobless for more than 27 weeks and account for more than 42% of the unemployed.

2.5 million people were marginally attached to the labor force, up from 2.4 million in May. These people have not searched for work in the past 12 months preceding the current survey. Of the 2.5 million, 821,000 were classified as discouraged workers. Discouraged workers are defined as persons that have given up looking for work because they believe that no jobs are available for them. They have not actively looked for work in the past 4 weeks preceding the survey.

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