Developing Your 60-Second Commercial

At some point in your job search you will be asked to tell something about yourself. This could be during an informational interview, a networking event, a career fair, or during the actual interview. So what do you do in these situations? For the active job seeker, these scenarios are practically unavoidable but they can be successfully managed.

Focus on what you have to offer.

This is like a television commercial about you. A commercial sells products. Therefore, you should emphasize those strengths and qualifications most suited to the position you are pursuing.

Watch your language and presentation style.

Use the formula: language + motivation = outcome. In other words, positive language + positive body language and behaviors = a positive and favorable outcome. This means there is absolutely no room for negativity. When you see advertisements, you will notice that they emphasize the positive outcome you will gain from the product, not the downside.

A sample 60-second commercial may include information such as: personal qualifications, technical skills, relevant education, training, certifications and achievements. Let’s take a look at this sample two minute commercial from a corporate accountant: “I am a CPA with over nine years of corporate accounting and financial reporting experience. In my most recent position, I was selected to spearhead and lead several special projects which included strategic planning, forecasting and corporate treasury functions.

I was recognized last year as Manager of the Year for my ability to develop my accounting staff and provide training in many facets of customer service, auditing, time management, problem solving and other key functions. I have an MBA and am active in both the National Management Association and the Space Coast Chapter of the Florida CPA’s Association.”

Clear concise communication is the key. Developing a fluid, confident and natural sounding commercial takes time and practice.

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