Can Career Coaching Services Benefit Your Career? Part 3

This post is part three in a six-part series that will discuss the benefits of career coaching. Part two discussed the coach’s role in career change and transition. Part three discusses the coach’s role in personal and family issues.

Just like it is difficult to separate work and family life while employed, having to deal with an unemployment situation is not an isolated event. It is one in which the entire family shares a part in.

Personal & Family Issues

  • Do you have personal or family issues that are directly impacting your job search?
  • Is relocation out of the question?
  • Is your spouse currently employed and not anxious to leave his/her position?
  • Is your age impacting your campaign results?
  • Are you tied to your current community because of out-of-work activities you’re involved in?
  • Do you have a physical disability that might be negatively impacting your search but has never impacted your work performance?
  • Are you depressed because your job search has not progressed at the pace you anticipated?
  • Do you need an advisor, a confidante or a job search partner?


Your coach can be your sounding board, helping you determine how to evaluate and prioritize these issues in relation to your search, how to best overcome obstacles standing in your way and how to best position those issues to your advantage.

If you can answer “YES” to most of the questions and are confident in your ability to manage your job search, then you are reasonably well-prepared to move forward on your own. However, if you still feel the need for the expertise, insights and support of a career coach, don’t hesitate for one minute. If you answered “NO” to more than just 3-4 of the questions above, I would strongly urge you consider the value a career coach could bring to your job search, career performance and compensation. With years of training and experience, career coaches know what works and what doesn’t work, how to optimize your results, and how to help you land your ideal position. With your career coach at your side, you can move forward confidently and successfully.

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Stay tuned for part four in this series, where I will discuss the coach’s role in career marketing and job search management.

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