Using Business Cards in Your Job Search: My Take

In a recent article published in the Charlotte Observer, columnist Bobby Sisk interviews Margo Scurry who teaches a class at Jacob’s Ladder Job Center in Charlotte. The topic is business cards and how job seekers can use them in their job search. The article provides some great advice, such as incorporating a tagline and including certifications that you may have. The article goes on to say that it is perfectly okay to utilize both sides of the card, which I also agree with and happen to do with my own personal business card.

Why have business cards at all?

Depending on the environment, handing someone a copy of your resume may or may not be appropriate, but giving someone your business card is pretty easy to do. The key is that the card needs to communicate your brand and that is what the tagline is meant to do.

Quality printing makes a difference

The only exception that I take to the advice given is regarding printing the cards. Scurry says that she buys basic resume paper so that students can print out their first batch of cards in class. Business cards printed out on basic resume paper don’t present a good first impression. In fact, job seekers could ruin their chances by submitting a less than professional business card to a networking contact. In my opinion, this shows a lack of professionalism and preparedness.

There are numerous inexpensive solutions to purchase high-quality business cards. VistaPrint ( is a popular online resource and has been offering 250 business cards for $10 for quite some time. So while I agree that business cards are a fantastic way to communicate your brand and share your information, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Make sure your business cards are printed on nice, sturdy card stock, not on paper.

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