The Star of Your Own Commercial

By Bobby Sisk
Charlotte Observer
Posted: Sunday, June 10, 2012

When you’re searching for work, there is one request you must to be ready to answer at all times: Tell me about yourself.

It can come during a conversation in the grocery store once another person finds out you’re looking for a new job, or at a networking event or during an actual interview. Think of how you respond as your very own 60-second commercial. You are the star selling what you have to offer.

A certified professional resume and career coach, Nathan Adams gives advice on how to knock your “commercial” out of the park. First, he said, focus on what you have to offer.

“A commercial sells products,” he said. “Therefore, you should emphasize those strengths and qualifications most suited to the position you are pursuing.”

Next, focus on the language you’ll use and your presentation. Think of the equation language plus motivation equals outcome, he says.

“In other words, positive language plus positive body language and behaviors equals a positive and favorable outcome,” Adams wrote on a recent blog.

You don’t see commercials that focus on the negative aspects of a service or product. Neither should you.

You should include your qualifications, technical skills, relevant education, training certifications and achievements. This is one example Adams gave from a corporate accountant. “I am a CPA with over nine years of corporate accounting and financial reporting experience. In my most recent position, I was selected to spearhead and lead several special projects which included strategic planning, forecasting and corporate treasury functions,” he wrote.

The accountant’s commercial went on to mention awards and affiliations. First, I’d say, sketch out some notes on what you’d say if asked: Tell me about yourself. Then write it out. Read it back to yourself and remember positivity and honesty are crucial.

Good luck in your job search, and remember you are your best advocate.

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