How to conduct a job search in 2016

Job Search 2016If 2015 was a frustrating year for you and your job search, or if you have just recently found yourself out of work for the first time in a long time, then you may want to continue reading. Looking for new employment can be a frustrating exercise and can cause you to doubt yourself. If you’ve been spinning your wheels and not getting the attention you feel you deserve from recruiters and hiring managers, then see below for five key steps for conducting a job search in 2015.

  1. Networking: Utilize January to establish new professional contacts while reaching out to your current network of contacts that maybe you have neglected. Look to network with other individuals who do what you do. Why? Because these people will tend to know what is going on in your industry and may know what companies have current opportunities. LinkedIn is a perfect tool to initiate your networking attempts.
  2. Following up on jobs that went “cold”: Surely you applied to numerous jobs where you never heard anything back from HR or the hiring manager. If it has been more than two months since you applied, why not reach back out to say hello and to see if the position was filled? Chances could be the position was placed on hold, removed from the budget, or better yet, the position could still be open. You just might have another opportunity to sell yourself again or even talk yourself up for a new opportunity that might exist. Bottom line, don’t wait to hear back from the company; take initiative and use solid follow up skills.
  3. Working with recruiters: Has it been a while since you last talked with your recruiters? Did you work with any in 2015 that simply never got back to you with any jobs that you might be a good fit for? If so, then maybe it is time to start fresh, with a new group of recruiters that don’t know you and your credentials. Research recruiters on LinkedIn and Google and try to identify recruiters that specialize in your industry and line of work.
  4. Utilizing a target company list: What companies would you really love to work for? Have you even given this any thought? Or did you spend 2015 like most job seekers, only applying to job postings that you found or that were sent to you by a referral? A target company list will focus your job search efforts and make your networking activity more productive because you are looking for connections and inside information at specific companies.
  5. Conducting informational interviews: If you were not conducting informational interviews in 2015, then gear up and get ready to hit the ground running in 2016. What are informational interviews? These are one-on-one meetings with key contacts (known or unknown) that can provide inside information and contacts as it relates to your target company list. It’s a form of networking, but you have a definite agenda in mind. Maybe you want to work for Carolinas Healthcare System and through your research and networking efforts, you identify a contact that has connections at the company, works for the company, or can otherwise provide key information important to you.

If any of these job search strategies are new to you or if you need assistance with your resume or your job search plan, feel free to give my office a call. Here’s to a successful 2016!

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