Good at your job? Chances are you’ll keep it: My Take

As a careers professional, I love reading Bobby Sisk’s job hunt articles that appear in the Charlotte Observer most Sundays. I have even been featured in a handful of his articles over the past year and I always look to see what topic he is covering next. I published a blog post recently with a few of my comments on an article that he wrote back in March on using business cards in your job search. You can find that blog post here. I recently read one of his latest articles about how employers are now focused on retaining their most talented workers.

High-potential employees are jumping ship

In his article, he interviewed Robyn Crigger, a managing partner for OI Partners-Compass Management Solutions. The article references a new survey of more than 174 organizations throughout North America which found that “90 percent of businesses are concerned about losing high-potential employees.” Crigger states that “Companies are most concerned about losing employees who they have designated as their future leaders and those who work directly with customers.”

Why are employees leaving?

There are a lot of reasons, but I believe that this is the new way to work. Employees are recognizing that companies are no longer loyal to employees. Pensions are a thing of the past at most organizations and everyone is being asked to do more with less. Companies acknowledge the importance of work-life balance, but when work needs to get done and deadlines need to get met, work tends to become life. Employees are finally taking their careers into their own hands and leaving for opportunities that are a better fit with their personal goals and value system.

Companies are going above and beyond to retain talent

The survey goes on to report that “coaching programs, better compensation and benefits along with incentives like tuition reimbursement were identified as the top retention methods more companies are using.” As a professional career coach, I am beginning to see more and more companies turn to coaching programs as a method to retain their talent.

So what does all of this mean for you, the job seeker? As the job market improves, opportunities will continue to become available because companies are having a difficult time retaining top talent. So if you are great at what you do, the chances of you finding suitable employment will increase because employers are looking to replace top talent that they cannot keep.


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