Give a Second Thought to Publishing Your Resume Online

For millions of job seekers, posting their resume online with sites like and is common place these days. Even though the success rate of this job search method is less than 10% by some reports, job seekers still flock to these sites in droves. This is acceptable if you are unemployed, but what if you are still working but looking to secure a better opportunity? Have you ever considered the complications created if your employer found your resume posted online?

The two most popular job boards provide a level of security and charge a fee to search their resume database, so chances are, your immediate supervisor is not going to fork over money to see if you are looking to move to greener pastures. Your company’s internal recruiters, however, could find your resume online if they use the online job boards to source new talent, meaning they are paying a fee to access the resume database.

So what’s the big deal?
You are safer posting your resume online with Careerbuilder and Monster, but there is one online site that offers employers, or anyone for that matter, the ability to search its resume database free of charge: A simple search on the employer name and resumes of people currently employed or that have worked for the company pop up. So what free information is available? Your name and an abbreviated version of your resume that includes job titles and company names. It also indicates the last time your resume was updated so if you recently posted your resume, you could be caught red-handed! Thankfully, your contact information is not provided, but enough data is provided to identify you and your intentions to leave your current employer.

Another wrinkle to consider…
If you have just landed a new position, or even been on your job for a while, it would be prudent to delete or “hide” any resumes that you have floating around in cyberspace. Again, no need to raise concerns about your loyalty to your present employer should your resume be discovered online.

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